Monday, May 5, 2014

But the Eyes are Blind

This last week was full of ups and downs. We had some hard days and we saw some miracles as well. My new companion has a whole lot of different health problems and is kind of a serious soul,  and it was kind of rough at times. I'm thinking the reason she gets frustrated so easily and is angry a lot of the time is because she feels so sick. Right now she's in the process of deciding whether to go home or not. Please pray for her. I really am starting to love her more. I even got her to smile a few times this week and LAUGH! She's warming up to me little by little. 

This last week I read a quote that really hit me hard. Its from the book, The Little Prince and says "But the eyes are blind, one must look with the heart."

A perfect example this last week was when a member from our ward called us and told us to come to the church quick because his whole basketball team was waiting and ready to listen to a 10 minute message from the missionaries. He had somehow convinced a whole basketball team of rough and tumble looking Mexicans to listen to us for 10 minutes and nothing more. 

As we rushed into the church and stood in front of a room full of these tough and mildly sketchy looking men, my knee-jerk reaction was to feel a bit nervous. My Spanish still is not perfect and we had not had any time to prepare anything. We launched right into a lesson. I did most of the talking because my companion is pretty shy as is, and in front of large crowds she doesn't like to do much talking. 

We talked about God and prayer. As I asked these men questions, and really listened to their answers, and as we taught these simple and beautiful truths, the spirit flooded into that room. The ten minute lesson turned into 45 minutes, and every single one of them was engaged and involved. Asking questions, making comments, nodding their heads as I spoke. It was such an amazing feeling. During part of the lesson one of the men raised his hand, "I believe in God." he said, "I know He is always with us. He.s right here in this room.  I can feel it.  He's probably standing right here and we just can't see him." 

A big smile came across my face as I imagined God standing there in the back of the room listening along with the rest of them. And for a moment I could feel God's love SO powerfully. His love for me. His love for my companion. And His love for every single last one of those rough and tumble men. And I knew what that man was saying was the truth. God was watching and God was proud of me. Imperfect as I am, he knows I'm giving it all I've got. And all I've got is enough. The eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.

They all agreed to another lesson next week. Every last one of them. Miracles. I believe in Miracles.

This last week we've been teaching my dearest friend and investigator - Anita and her brother Jesus. They are 19 and 17 and SO AWESOME. Anita told us the other day, "You just sparked something inside me and now I'm reading the Bible everyday. When you're around I want to make better choices and do more for other people." 

Um. WOW. She came to church last week and is progressing lovely. She also told us her brother stopped drinking since we've started visiting with them. Wow. 

Everyday I learn a little more that none of these results really have anything to do with me. I'm doing what little I can, but God is doing all the rest. This is His work. This is His glory. He just needs someone to do the talking. And I sure can talk.


Funnies and other little bullets:

-We've been hearing a sound that sounds somewhat like the alarms that go off in the old movies when a town is about to be bombed. (Weeeeeeeeee). When I first heard it I thought it was a warning for a natural disaster and that we were going to die or something. Turns out it's just the sound the gigantor bugs make here. haha phew, no natural disaster, its just a bug thats pretty much a fly thats as big as my hand. How comforting.

-Smashed nice and tight in a taxi and the large Mexican to my left falling asleep on me. Hahaha my life!

-Chasing around all my little friends and playing tag and hide and go seek. One of their moms hugged me goodbye and told me, "Your going to be a really fun mom." 
Happy Mother's Day!

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