Monday, July 7, 2014

Building Ships

This last few weeks have been a real challenge for me.  There was a lot of times I felt like the Lord was asking just a little too much.  I felt like Nephi in 1 Nephi 17 (READ IT).  The Lord shows up and basically tells Nephi, "Guess what.  After all you've been through, it's now time for you to build a ship."  "A WHAT?" replies Nephi.  "But I don't know anything about building ships.  I've never even SEEN a ship.  How on earth am I supposed to BUILD one?" 

Long story short, Nephi was scared and overwhelmed and all of his lame-o brothers told him there was no way he could do it.  They told him he was crazy and that he shouldn't even try.  But God sent Heavenly help.  He never left Nephi to do it alone.  There were times when Nephi felt like giving up because building a ship is NO easy thing to do (I've never actually built a ship but I'm just guessing here).

In the last few weeks I felt at times like God was asking me to build a ship.  I told God that I don't know how and that I don't know if I can, and He helped me.  Step by step.  He was there helping me to keep going (keep building).  Today we had changes.  I have left Tlacolula and I am now in Atoyac (the same area I was in my very first week in the mission).  And guess what?   I'M TRAINING A WHITE GIRL.  Um...WHAT? She has one change in the mission, so I'm going to be ending her training.  Another ship to build.

The funny thing is, I feel incredibly peaceful about the whole thing.  YES, I am asking the questions that Nephi once asked, "Um, God, are you REALLY sure about this?"  "I don't know anything about building a ship (training a white person)."

So now here I am in an area I don't know with a darling girl that doesn't speak or understand much Spanish.  Am I wondering how on earth I'm going to do this?  YES!  But this is my ship.  God told me to build it, and so here I go.  I know he'll help me.  There might be Lamans and Lemuels that pop up occasionally and tell me that I'm crazy and that I can't do it.  But its the strangest thing.  I feel so at peace right now. 

I KNOW I'm where I need to be.  I know this is the right place, the right companion, and the right time for me.  I can do this.  I can build this ship.  Because with the help of God, I can do all things.  I can train white people. I can build my ships.

I love my mission with all my heart.  I'm learning and growing and becoming a better me.  To all those reading this today, keep building.  God gave you your ship for a reason and He will never leave you to build it alone.  Seek out His help and He'll put the tools you need in your hands.  The church is true. God loves us.  Now let's go build some ships.
*This is the only photo that came through this week:  She received a hugging monkey in the mail.

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