Monday, October 20, 2014



This week I turn 20.  This week is hump day.  Nine months.  Lots have been asking,  "What have you learned?  How have you changed?  What has all gone down in that period of 9 long months?"

The one thing I've learned (well the one of VERY VERY many) is the importance of bravery and what it means to be brave.  To be bold.  To live it and to love it.  To kick fear to the curb.

As I was thinking about what I could write this week, I sat back and thought through all the stuff in my life that got me to the point of serving a full-time mission.  An experience in Young Women's came to mind.

In a Laurels class we all took turns sitting in the middle of the room while all the other Laurels wrote a word that described us and stuck it on us explaining why they chose that word to describe us. When it came to my turn I took my place in the middle of the room and my dear friends and fellow Laurels started going around putting stickers on me and explaining the word they chose. 

Then it came to Emily Nydegger (SHOUT OUT) and she stuck the word FEARLESS on my arm. Her word surprised me.  Fearless?  I had a lot of fears.  It was at a point in my life where all I wanted to do was please the crowd and go with the flow.  But she helped me realize, in that moment, that maybe I was braver than I thought. 

I think that's how we all are.  Braver than we think.  Stronger than we know.  And with talents and abilities that we have such a hard time seeing.

Something else I've learned on the mission:
-LISTEN. To myself. To the spirit. To others. 
-LOVE. With all I've got. Not holding back. Not expecting anything in return. Even when I'm tired.
-PEOPLE. It's all about people.
-SPANISH. I've learned Spanish. I can speak Spanish. And it's pretty darn cool.
This is all I've got for you guys this week. 

Let's go out and LIVE what we believe, whatever that may be, and do it fearless.


  1. I will strive to be fearless! To listen and to love. Thank you!

  2. Ah I love my Ru! Inspires me every day xoxoxo