Monday, January 12, 2015

A Salad or Something


"Can't we ever have like a salad or something?" - Nacho libre orphan

This week a small miracle occurred.  Someone fed us a salad.  Like a legit salad with green leaves and healthy toppings.  It was glorious.  I could hardly believe what was happening.  I pinched myself several times throughout the meal to check if I was awake.  It was a tender mercy.  God's been watching my efforts and sending me rewards.  He loves me.  He knows I need rewards and motivation.  He knows I need salad.


So I've never actually seen the movie Frozen, but apparently the main character princess wears her hair in the same kind of braid that I always wear mine.  All the kids I know call me Elsa now.  In the cartoon Elsa is blond and blue eyed and has special magical powers to make things turn to ice and to make things get cold really fast. 

Its been kind of chilly lately in my area and I always tell the kids it's only because I just arrived that it got so cold.  Their eyes get wide and they run off to tell their friends that Elsa is teaching their family the gospel. 

We are currently teaching a GOLDEN FAMILY and their 4 year old son, Sebastian, is obsessed with the movie Frozen.  His parents told me that he frequently asks when Elsa is coming back to visit. We're good friends, Sebastian and I.  We share chile flavored candy and chat about bread.  I really hope his family gets baptized so he can go on a mission someday.  I hope he remembers that Elsa helped his family learn to pray.  But more importantly, I hope he remembers to pray.


This week we had a day and a half long leadership meeting.  All the zone leaders and sister training leaders came to the city for a huge meeting.  Basically, the president of the mission announced that there was some stuff going on in the mission and we needed a change and we needed it now.  He explained to us that WE would be the ones coming up with the solutions.  We talked over the issues and we talked over the answers. 

He divided us into groups and came up with game plans and goals.  It was all very long, very intense, and very inspiring.  The whole day we fasted through the process.  The feeling of energy and the spirit was almost tangible.  So many good people and leaders all gathered together in one purpose and one desire.  To serve the Lord. 

As we sat in one of my groups talking over goals, plans, and solutions I took a moment to just take it all in.  There I was, surrounded by such powerful missionaries.  Solid kids.  Strong and faithful missionaries.  And I just felt so amazed and honored to be able to count myself as one of them. 

After we talked for several hours we went to a session in the temple.  As I waited for my companion to change I started chatting with the darling temple workers.  One from Idaho and the other from Arizona.  They told me all about how wonderful their temple mission was and how they have a goal to serve 5 missions. They're on their second one right now. 

As we sat there and chatted in our little white dresses I felt so inspired.  So many amazing people and wonderful human interactions in one day.  It was glorious.  And exhausting.  We ended the day with dinner in the house of the president.  Hermana Madsen fed us brownies.  I think it was the first brownie I've eaten in about a year.  It was FANTASTIC.

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