Monday, February 2, 2015

Contacting it Up


This week was full of a lot (but i mean A LOT) of contacting.  Lots of appointments fell through. Lots of people weren't home and lots of people just straight up told us that they were done listening, or that their schedules are just too busy to meet with us anymore. 

Instead of getting down on ourselves or throwing a pity party we decided to make it fun.  We decided to contact but in creative ways, asking funny questions, pretending to be lost, finding the biggest or fanciest houses and knocking the door.  We found A LOT of very interesting people. 

One of my favorites was an artist. We knocked his door, and when he opened it up it was like opening the closet door to Narnia.  His house was like falling into Alice in Wonderland.  Every inch of the ceilings were adorned with very brightly colored fake flowers.  Every inch of the wall was covered with a painting of a woman.  All the furniture was hand made and wooden and rustic looking, and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust.  It looked that no one actually lived there.  It was kind of spooky. 

We started chatting and explained who we were and what we do.  We asked about his family and he told us that he just lives with his mother who is more than 90 years old!  WHAT.  We went in to see her.  She was so tiny and so frail.  At first I wasn't sure if she was actually alive or no.  But then she spoke.  She told us her name, and we asked if we could sing a hymn, but her son said no.  Nothing about religion in his house. 

As we left I felt sorry for them.  They seemed so locked up and far away from everyone.  They seemed sad.  I so badly wanted to help them understand or help them see that our message could change their lives and help them in their trails and problems.  But the answer was no, so we left and continued on in our adventure. 

As we left the room of the tiny little super frail old lady, I saw a giant pile of medications.  Pills, creams, syrups, just about everything you could imagine, and the word crossed my mind HEALING. We all need to be healed in one way or another.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually.  So many seek the answer in a pill, a book, a website, in just about a million other ways -  "answers" to their problems. 

What they need is Christ.  He heals.  He helps.  I was reading a talk about healing the other day (It's called Healing = Courage + Action + Grace , go read it right now).  It talked about how healing hurts, but that the hurt helps us become better and stronger. 

On my mission I've seen and felt a lot of hurt and a lot of healing.  And just like it says in the talk "I have come to realize that my Savior cares more about my growth than He does about my comfort."

Sometimes we ask why God lets us hurt.  He lets us hurt because He knows that it will help us become better and stronger and more capable of giving love & healing to others.  It helps us become more like His son, Jesus Christ. 

So when the people reject, when we contact all the day long, I just think that the Lord must really care about my growth.  I know that he has people prepared for us, we've just gotta go and find them that's all.

Love you all.  Christ LIVES and He heals better than anyone I know.  Let Him in and let Him help you,ok?  Ok.

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