Monday, March 9, 2015

Chosen People


So this last Sunday we decided to fast to find prepared people.  Or people who actually want to listen to us and better their lives and do something about that desire.  We've been working and working and talking with every person we see and applying all the stuff we're learning in Preach My Gospel.  We were just giving it our all, but we really weren't finding people who want to DO something.  So on Sunday we decided to fast to find "the chosen ones" or the people that God had prepared for us to find. 

During the fast, we came across a family we had contacted several months ago but had never been able to find at their house, and they accepted us.  The next time we went to visit them they had actually kept their commitments and had read The Book of Mormon!!!!  It's a miracle.  They asked God if it was the truth and then told us that they felt that it was true.  FINALLY.  

We left the lesson dancing, but then had to stop dancing because the sketchy street dog got freaked out and almost ate us.  We teach them at night because it's the only time of the day they are both at home, and we sit outside on their porch and there are no lights so we read the scriptures by cell phone light.  It's rather a funny sight.  Four people sitting on buckets and chairs and rocks and reading the scriptures by cell phone light.  Haha, I just love Oaxaca.


So here in Oaxaca there are these tiny little car like things that speed around everywhere and they are called mototaxis.  We take them fairly often because they are cheap and help us out when we are late and we always contact whoever is driving.  Just about all the mototaxis in the city know us by name by now, but we got into the mototaxi the other day and realized it was one we had never talked to before so we got to chatting and told him about who we are and what we do and all that jazz. 

He was polite and asked a few questions but didn't seem to show much interest.  Then as we hopped out of the taxi he called out, "What a second!" So we turned around, thinking we had given him the wrong change or left a water bottle in the back.  He then took off his sun glasses and the tough looking moto man started to tear up.  He explained that he was going through some rough times and just didn't know where to turn or what to do.  He even started to cry a little. 

We sat down on the curb next to him and just listened.  I asked him if he was a praying person.  He said sort of.  So we said a prayer with him.  Right there in the middle of the street.  We wrote down his info and we're going to give it to the Elders because it's outside of our area, but it was a really cool experience.

Just a big tough moto guy going through some hard stuff, and we got to be there to be a listening ear and to give him a word or two of comfort.  Sometimes the Lord asks us to be His hands, and sometimes He asks us to be his ears.


Oaxaca has the cutest old people.  Ever.  We found a 79 year old this week that walks around like a 45 year old.  He was so full of laughter and life.  He kept calling us "Niñas" and "Hijas" and other endearing terms.  We talked to him about prayer and he loved it.  He was super sharp and ate everything right up.  He could even read the little type without glasses!  I want to be like this guy someday.

*Mexican hair: getting fancy for church with a Oaxacan hair do.  All the little old ladies here put their hair in braids and then tie them up with ribbon.  It's darling. 

*Oaxaca = Good Food.  some tacos I ate this week. Made with pineapple. They may or may not have changed my life. {photo did not download}

*us at a soccer activity we had today. I'm the one in the white v neck in the front middle

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