Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spreading the Love


How I love you. This week I received so very many packages and letters and I FELT THE LOVE! So naturally I decided to spread that love. Whenever I get a package of treats or food I hand it out to others as I walk around campus. I try and look for new missionaries or those who look down and it's been oh so rewarding to share my spoils with others. It makes everyone hate me less for getting so much mail...

As you all know, Valentines day was last week and it was such a joyous day! I got a bunch of little pink heart shaped stickers in one of my packages and as I walked around that day I gave one/stuck one on almost every person I came in contact with. By the end of the day there was missionaries all over campus proudly sporting a hot pink heart on their tag or coat. It was such a happy thing to look around and see how many people I had been able to spread the love to that day.

And now for the THE MOST EXCITING THING that happened to Hermana Matesen this week:

It was Sunday Devotional. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's son Matthew Holland was scheduled to speak and there were rumors going around that his dad might make a brief appearance. We all prayed. And prayed. AND PRAYED that he would come. And good thing God answers prayers because GUESS WHO CAME?

JEFFEREY R HOLLAND of the twelve apostles was in the same room as me, Hermana Matesen. He even stood up and spoke for a few moments before his son gave his talk. It was glorious. It was amazing. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. 

Haha you should've seen all of us elders and sisters sitting on the edges of our seats grinning from ear to ear. It was like Justin Beiber had walked into a room of 13 year old girls. The energy and spirit was so strong you could almost reach out and touch it.

Then his son goes on to give THE most profound and incredible talk about the life and story of Joseph Smith. And throughout his talk there was a professional choir that sang songs about Joseph's life and mission. It was the most amazing thing.

During the talk a young man sang a solo of 'A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief' a capella. It was the most beautiful moment. Everyone in the audience had tears streaming down their faces and the love of God filled my heart so much that I thought it might burst.

At the end of the talk the whole missionary choir (in which I am a part of) stood and sang Praise to the Man.  It was incredible. Hundreds and hundreds of missionaries singing their hearts out for an apostle and for the prophet Joseph Smith. It was amazing. Words cannot properly express the power felt in that room that night. Aaaaaand I got yet another close up on the BIG SCREEN (why the camera man always chooses MY face to zoom in on I will never know) So yes, it's for certain that Jeffrey R. Holland saw my face. YES. Miracles.

Another incredible experience this week was when my companion practiced teaching a person who may have doubts or fears. We were role playing with an 'investigator' and invited her to be baptized. She paused and answered no. We asked her why. She said she was afraid because her family would be angry and she didn't want to lose them. The emotions were high and we were at a loss of words. I had no idea how to help this woman. I had no idea what to say in english or in spanish. We sat there in silence and I said a quiet prayer in my heart, 'Heavenly father, PLEASE help me to know what to say. Help me to have the words to speak. Help me to help this woman."

And just like that I knew what to say. 

1 Nephi 3:7 popped right into my head and I turned there and had the investigator read it. In that scripture it tells us that the Lord will give no commandments to us unless he shall provide a way for us to do that which he asks.
I testified in choppy and bad Spanish that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that what that scriptures says is true. I told her that the Lord WILL provide a way. I testified of God's love and my love for her.
It was amazing. It was like the words coming out of my mouth weren't even my own. The spirit filled that tiny smelly apartment room and all of us sat there with tears streaming down our faces. 
WOW. Miracles. Everyday.
This work is so much bigger than me. I am simply an instrument in God's hands. 
It's the most beautiful thing.

Also during this week me and my companion had the opportunity to practice teaching an actual person who lives in Mexico through SKYPE! It was the coolest thing. He was the sweetest man and told me to write down the name of his grandson who's on a mission and marry him when he got home. It was darling.

Oh if you could only see me. If you could only be a fly on the wall in the lessons we get to teach and meet the people we get to love.

It's most definitely NOT EASY. Lots of times we leave lessons feeling confused, discouraged and frustrated. Half the time I have no idea what my investigator is even saying. But still, I am able to teach. It's incredible.

I love being a missionary. I love love love it.

-Hermana Matesen

The Funnies of the Week:

-When I was trying to share a personal experience in a lesson I meant to say "When I was 14..."
instead I said "When I was 40..."

-Overhearing some of the new elders in my zone talking:
New Elder: "Does Hermana Matesen ALWAYS have that much energy?" 
Older Elder: "Yep. Always.

-My new district was talking about before I came to the district they were making goals to have more fun and now they're making goals to be more quiet...

-When I received a package from my mom and everyone gathered around in hopes of getting some candy and instead got offered some essential oils. Hahaha. Oh boy.
 a pink heart for valentines day.
 me and my comp - always bumping our heads on this Jesus picture
 A picture of my district and my FAVORITE teacher  Hermano Waddoups.
Hahahaha it's such a gross picture but I love it.
 me and all the hermanas in my zone. Boy do I love these girls with all my heart.
 Another map picture
Ruby had special permission to go to the dentist for her last check-up before she leaves the country.  Max had the sweet privilege of taking her.  Photo credit:  Max Matesen!

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