Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New area. New Companion. SO LOST.

So like I said in the last sentence of my last e mail...during my first P day on the mish (yesterday) we got a call from the mission pres and he said he was coming in 1 hour to pick me up and take me to a new district with a new companion because another one of the new sisters was having a really hard time and wanted to go home and he thought he should switch stuff around and put her with my companion Hermana Galvan. Boy, was I depressed because I LOVE HERMANA GALVAN. 

I had just barely gotten unpĆ”cked, I had just barely started feeling like I was kind of sort of getting the hang of it and then I get switched. Its super funny to me because thats the exact same thing that happened in the MTC! I got settled, I got somewhat comfortable, and then I got switched. Heavenly Father is sure making sure I'm not getting too used to anything. 

My new area is pretty ok...my new house smells like paint and has massive cockroaches....eek. BUT my new comp is so darling and sweet. She's native to the country so its difficult to communicate, but were figuring it out! 

The hardest part about not being able to speak the language, I think, is that I feel really lonely a lot of the time. People never really talk to me because they know I can't understand and when they do try and talk to me I don't know what they're saying to me. I also feel so personality-less a lot because I can't properly express myself. 

But every day I'm getting a little better. Today's a bit rough because its like starting the mission all over again, new companion, new area, new district, new members, new investigators...but that is how the mission goes! And I will learn to cope. 

There is so much to be thankful for. For example, this morning when woke up my cute companion made me breakfast. Aaaaand our new house has a toilet that flushes! Blessings. 

I still feel pretty lost but I know things will get  better. I am working hard and giving it all I've got! I'm doing the best I can to keep my head up and learn Spanish! I am healthy and safe and I love and miss you SO MUCH!  But all is well and I really am happy to be where I'm at. 

My new companion is very shy and quiet and she needs a loud crazy person such as myself. Now I just need to figure out how to speak to her...haha oh geez, my life lately. 

I love you dearly and pray ALWAYS for you in broken Spanish. Good thing God knows what I'm trying to say. I love you with all of my corazon.

Hermana Matesen

Oh and my new area is where Nacho Libre was filmed. BOOYA. We even stopped by the church where it was filmed and took pictures. Nachoooooooooo.

Will you post the picture of me in front of Nachos church somewhere for people to see? I know a lot of people will get a kick out of it.

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  1. That's so amazing thank you for being a wonderful missionary please know you are doing great work :)