Monday, March 31, 2014


Me and my comp started out this week with the equivalent of 11 dollars...which meant A LOT of walking. We needless to say resulted in an adventure or two...

One night we didn't have enough money with us for a taxi, so we walked home in the dark. We had two options - take the long way with lights (about an hour and a half of walking) or take the short cut through the fields next to the river, which would be about a half hour. We opted for the fields. 

As we walked through the pitch black with tall corn on either side of us, I was scared. There was rustling in the bushes from animals, and we were both trying our best to be brave. Then I remembered; my dearest mother sent me to Mexico with a flashlight so I whipped it out and into the field we went. We sang hymns, my comp in Spanish and me in English. And we did it. We made it through. And amazingly enough I felt rather peaceful. In normal circumstances I would've been freaking out. But when you're on a mission you've got special angels looking out for you. We learned our lesson after that and scheduled better so we could make it to our house in safety.

This week we saw a lot of awesome and amazing stuff. One day we took a cute and awkward 14 year old girl from our ward to help teach a young investigator and when we got there our investigator said she didn't have time to talk to us. We were all a bit bummed and I was ready to take our little friend home, but my comp wanted her to come with us to teach another investigator. 

This investigator was also not home. We walked to yet another investigators house. Not home. And another. Not home. I was tired, annoyed, disappointed, and feeling sorry for our little friend. Then our little friend said "hey I know a less active girl who lives across town we can go visit!" So off we went. 

As we trekked back across town we saw a little family sitting on their porch with their neighbors and they started waving at me so we ran over to talk to them. Apparently their son lived close to San Francisco with his aunt and uncle for a few years and speaks a little English, and his parents wanted me to come over and practice speaking English with him. 

We got talking to them and somehow we all ended up in their living room (THREE  WHOLE FAMILIAS) teaching about God, about prayer, and about Jesus Christ. They were fascinated with our calling and what we do all day. They were all sitting on the edge of their seats and were intently listening to our message. I don't know how I did it, but I was able to speak better Spanish than I have in three months and everyone understood what I was trying to say. I was a miracle!  It was amazing to me to see all the little tiny and disappointing things that had to happen that day for us to find those people. 

Heavenly father was leading us to them the whole time. The next time we visited them there was even more people there, and they were just as interested in our message. WOW. Right after I write this letter we're going to their house to teach about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon, and I cant wait. Miracles.

We also had 2 baptisms this week!! Boo ya. Two LOCO NIÑOS. But seriously, teaching them was always an adventure. They're 9 and 12, Jose y Faustino. Love them. The missionaries have been teaching their family for 2 years and their dad FINALLY gave them permission to be baptised. HOORAY! The baptism was so funny. Oh gosh. Jose is afraid of the water and slipped on his way out of the water and had to be kinda rescued by the baptiser...haha oh geez it was pretty funny. 

The man baptising was dressed in all white with BRIGHT yellow crocs. Hes the best. Faustinos pants were way to big and almost fell off several times...

It was a happy day. We all laughed and smiled and felt the spirit together. I sure do love these people. These tiny short sweet Mexican people.

Since coming to Mexico I have felt quite famous. Because I am the only white person for miles.  People stare, taxis stop to talk to me, groups of children get giggly when I walk past.  I've had people point, wave, smile, yell hello, yell other words or phrases in English. I really do feel famous. Its hilarious! I love it. Its a perfect opportunity to talk to people and to SHARE THE GOSPEL!

The church is true. Never has there been a more simple or a more true sentence. I am having the time of my life out here. Everyday an adventure. God's looking out for me. He looks out for everyone of his missionaries. I just know it.

Love you all,

Hermana Matesen

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