Monday, April 14, 2014

I am Happy. I want Cake.

 They pooped on me. But they were so cute I didn't care.


This week I started an ENGLISH CLASS in the church. We thought it would be a perfect way to get people to the capilla [chapel?] and we could share a little spiritual message at the end. It has been SO much fun teaching. So far my students have only been able to hold onto the phrases:

I am happy.
I want cake.

I have also been helping my comp learn English. So far the only words that I've taught her, that she remembers and uses, are:

-Corn Chowder

We're working on it. We have so much fun teaching and learning language together.

I'm holding onto the hope that con tiempo they'll be able to remember more...

The Elders in our district had a baptism this week and we went to support them. For the special musical number we all went to the front on the room and sang a hymn. The spirit flooded in and everyone in that room had tears in their eyes. I felt like flying. Being on a mission is the best.


Today is cambios entonces...Hermana Monterrosas is going to a different area, and I'm staying in Etla and in 3 hours or so I get a new companion! She is going to be the senior comp, so I'm pretty relieved about that. I can speak Spanish, but my problem is I CANT UNDERSTAND. It's so frustrating. And because I talk so much, people assume I can understand, and then when I can't they get frustrated or they give up and just talk to my comp. I'm giving it my all though. I'm studying hard everyday and I talk to everyone I can whether I speak very well or not. Yo puedo hacerlo


We've been having the problem where we're teaching people and they're reading and praying, but we just can't get them to come to church. Its SO frustrating. But this last week we had NINE people come! HOORAY!!! Miracles. And get this: THEY LIKED IT! boom. So happy for them.

This week was busy and crazy and fun as always. There were tears, laughs, wonderful lessons and lessons that were just downright disappointing...basically just a typical week of ups and downs.

Something that I'm learning more and more everyday is that I am here in Oaxaca because I need to learn the things that I could only learn here. The people here live in SUCH humble conditions. Whole families of 6 or 7 in a shack with one bed and things like that. They have such faith, they have such hope, they have such BIG hearts. I love them. And I'm so humbled whenever they love me right back.

Before my mission, talking to people always came so easily to me. I never felt weak in a social situation. I never needed that much help. I was pretty capable and indepedent. But here, I need help, always. And I'm learning not only to accept help from others but how to accept help from the Lord. Because I can't do this on my own. I'm learning to listen, I'm learning to let there be silence. I'm learning to be a better me. And I can see it everyday. Me, becoming someone better. Because all my life I've had plans. But I'm slowly coming to realize that God has got some pretty big plans for me and His plan is always better than mine. AND His plan is always a lot harder than mine...
But I can do it. I know I can.

Love you with all my corazón.

-Hermana Matesen 

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