Monday, November 17, 2014



A lot more hills.  Woot.  And not so woot... depends on how I'm feeling that day.  Lots of awesome people and moto taxis.  The ward [local Mormon congregation] here is HUGE.   There's like 200 people that come every week which is actually rather sad because there are over 900 members.  Yep.  We've been visiting a lot of less actives lately.  

I'm also REgetting used to being starred at, and all the pointing and wide eyes.  A white person around these parts is a VERY rare thing.  A white GIRL around these parts is unheard of.  The other day a whole bus full of people rubber-necked to get a good look at the white girl.  We just laughed.


Has a balcony.  A view.  And a microwave.  WHAT.  Still haven't used it yet.  I have forgotten how. It's all just too fancy, I can hardly handle it.  Also, this house never runs out of water.  Double what. And it has a water heater.  Huh?  and a shower head that works.  And a toilet that flushes and a closet. Basically I live in paradise now.

NEW COMP [companion]

I am once again back with a Mexican and it feels so good!  Hermana Rivas is from a state called Cuahuila.  She is a VERY sincere and loving person.  We are going to accomplish a lot in this area, I can just feel it.  Two hard working and animated missionaries and a God that answers prayers is just a perfect recipe for success.

A short but sweet letter this week.  Promise to send something a little more exciting next week.  Stay tuned because there is ALWAYS some sort of adventure going on here in the south of Mexico.

*sunrise sunset (#fiddlerontheroofforlife) My new apartment has a balcony and we get to see the sunrise every morning. Its pretty dang awesome.

*me and my new comp.  Hermana Rivas from Coahuila Mexico!  She's going to teach me how to make tortillas from scratch tonight.  She's pretty much fabulous.

*the view from a members home.  MUCH cooler in the day time get the picture.

*back to the hills....
Its climbs like this that make me wonder how on earth Im still gaining weight.
Its the tortillas. 
Las tortillas tienen la culpa.

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