Monday, November 10, 2014

The Last Song

*Alejandro got dipped...not in chocolate but in the waters of baptism..


Alejandro got baptized on Saturday.  It also happened to be his birthday.  He was so darling and showed up early with his Book of Mormon in hand (he carries it with him everywhere.).  As we sat there and told him how very excited we were for him he began to cry.  Tears of excitement and joy spilled over, and we sat there together and just took in the moment.  

We met Alejandro the 25th of Agosto.  He was a reference from the Elders in El Centro.  They found him [by] contacting.  They sent us his number and we got a hold of him the next day and began teaching him.  He was golden right off the get go.  Truly prepared to receive this message.  He was eating it up.  Every word.  Every lesson.  Every hymn.  Each lesson, it just clicked more.  You could see it in his eyes. 

Then the 8th of November he was baptized.  When we first showed up he didn't even know who God was.  Now he is one of the most faithful members of the ward.  And all in about 2 months.  Miracles. Tender mercies. 

How very lucky and blessed I am to be able to help people turn their lives around.  It's not us.  It's Him.  We just get to be lucky enough to be there.  Oh how I love Alejandro. 

*we love him.

*more baptism guy. ever.


They called us last night to tell us the shocking news.  BOTH of us are being changed [transferred]. They are sending Hermana Crystal to the coast with Hermana Mamani (the bolivian) and they are sending me to Guelaguetza (still don't know how to spell it...) as a SISTER TRAINING LEADER. Um what? 

That's a big responsibility.  I remember so very well all the Sister Training Leaders I've ever had and how very much I've looked up to them, and how very much I've learned from them.  It's a scary task, but at the same time it's just another opportunity to love and help more people.  I hope I can be the kind of leader that people can really look to for a loving example. 

Every change I choose a theme to live by, and this change was "Uno por Uno..."  I think that translates to "One by one.."  In third Nephi 11:15, when Christ came to the Americas, He descended from Heaven.  I imagine it was somewhat like Justin Bieber coming out onto the stage at a major concert.  The people swarmed in masses to come see and know. 

And He [Christ] accepted them ALL one by one.  Uno por uno.  Why didn't He just hold out his hands nice and high so everybody could get a good look?  Why didn't He just greet the important leaders or the righteous?  Wasn't he worried about time?

But the thing is, He is Christ.  He cared and he CARES about every single last one of us.  One by one it says.  Person from [to?] person.  So that they could know for themselves.  So they could feel it.  So they could understand.  And nothing has changed.  He is still the same.  He loves us and knows us and cares for us one by one. 

Not just the leaders or the rich or the perfect.  He knows us.  He knows you.  Your name.  Your strengths.  And your weaknesses.  And wants you to come and to know for yourself.  Maybe I will never see the living Christ and touch the prints on his hands in this earthly life, but He still calls to me daily to come unto him through my ACTIONS and know for myself. 

I want to be a Sister Training Leader that helps and cares for the individual.  One by one.  Uno por Uno.  Look up the verse, and read it, and then think about what actions YOU need to take to feel and to know. 

Also, when we heard about the big changes [transfer] we began to call our converts and investigators. We told them we loved them, and we wrote text messages to those who didn't answer.  Then we cried.  Big fat tears.  Because we love them.  Oh how we love them. 

It's like leaving your child.  All we do all day and all night is pray for them.  Plan for them.  Teach them.  Think about them.  Study for them.  And then we have to leave.  And its like a dagger to the heart. 

German sent us a really sweet message. And our investigator Emma told us she would never forget us and promised to keep reading the scriptures and praying.  Oh how I adore these people.  My heart.

*it's a message from German.  It  says "we are never going to forget you guys."


So before you think I'm talking about the Nicholas Sparks book or the really awful Miley Cyrus movie, just know that was not my intention.  

As we waited in the big bus stop where everybody meets up for changes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. And I turned around to find ALEJANDRO.  He just happened to be walking past the bus stop and saw us.  We shook his hand a million and one times, took pictures, and talked about all our good times together. 

He whipped out his Book of Mormon (carries it with him everywhere still) and asked if we could sing one last song together.  He loves the hymns.  Every lesson we have with him we sing, at the very least, 2 hymns. 

So there we sat, in the middle of a busy crowed and loud bus station, and we sang.  With everyone starring on - we sang.  And you could just feel the love.  It was almost tangible.  It's a moment I'll never forget.  It was our last song. 

And we watched him walk away smiling and waving.  Oh how I remember him when we first found him.  Sad. lonely. Insecure.  And the man we saw walking away today was someone completely different.  He glowed.  He smiled.  He shined.  I love him.  And I know God led those Elders to contact him and that we were a part of his life for a reason.

*love. when Alejandro found us in the bus station


German blessed the Sacrament this week.  He showed up in a white shirt and tie (a BIG deal for him), and I definitely fogged up a bit when I saw him.  Love that man.  So very much.

*district. he "last supper" at our last district meeting.  Love these kids.  So much.

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