Monday, May 18, 2015


*we found another "happy" on the wall this week! It made us...well, happy. We also saw a black iguana run past before we took the that was cool!


We had a GIANT meeting with a ton of missionaries this last week. It was so much fun because after so much time on the mission I know just about everyone so it was great to see so many good friends. One of the great friends I saw was hermana Crystal! It was such a happy reunion. We only chatted for a bit because our bus was leaving right as the meeting ended, but she has come so far and is such a dedicated and powerful missionary! She is my hero. Easily the best red head I know. 

At the big meeting our mission president talked a lot about FAITH. It was mentioned at least a million times that fear is the opposite of faith, and if we really want to see miracles we've got to fear no man. It was great stuff. I took a TON of notes and ate it all up. 

I had been asked to prepare part of the training and share something on how to find new investigators. I talked on the topic of talking to EVERYONE. I love talking to everyone. In the bus, in the taxi, walking in the street, in the store, wherever and whenever! 

When I first got to the mission I would over think and doubt myself, "does God really want me to talk to that person? Or is this just me?" I was waiting for some sort of signal from heaven on who to talk to. Little by little I learned that in order to find prepared people it's a matter of trial and error and you've just got to talk to every living creature in your path, and God will help you out. Max once said, "think about it, there are very few people that God doesn't want you to talk to." Good point. 

We are all children of God and we are all eternally important to him. It was energizing being in front of so many missionaries and connecting with all of them. It was fun to watch them light up and participate and laugh along with me. It was a great multi zone conference.


Hermana Hancock and I gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. Hermana Hancock shocked everyone with her Spanish! She is progressing and learning so much! We practice SO much and we are saying a lot of prayers. She is awesome. 

Being a missionary is really hard, especially in Oaxaca. It's kind of like camping or backpacking in a skirt. She is taking it on like a champ though. I love her, and I am so thankful she is my companion. We laugh a lot together. 

In the evening a family came with us to visit people and brought their CAR with AIR CONDITIONING. I think the last time I was in a car that had seat belts and air conditioning I was in the United States. It was amazing!

It was so easy and FAST to get from place to place. When people rejected us or when plans fell through, we just hopped in the car and sped off to the next option. We were able to have the most lessons we have ever had in one day in this area. It was great. Cars are so awesome! 

*I saw Hermana Crystal. SUCH a joyous reunion! Love that woman. SO very much.

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