Monday, May 25, 2015

Mexican Sign Language



So here in the Itsmo everyone has a mango tree (or many mango trees) in their yards. We usually sit outside for lessons because no one has air conditioning, and being inside is just so hot no one can handle it, so we sit outside in the shade of the trees. 

The only problem is when a strong wind comes by, the ripe mangos come loose and fall. These are pretty big mangos we're talking about here and falling from a long distance. It's actually pretty hilarious because during lessons when a big gust of wind blows by everyone holds their Book of Mormon above their head and crouches down in hopes that a giant mango won't fall from the sky and take them out. One fell into Hermana Hancock's lap yesterday. It was pretty hilarious and mildly painful....
Oh Oaxaca, we really do love you.


There was a day this week that we had so perfectly planned I could hardly handle it. We had TONS of set appointments, members that were going to come teach with us, and great plan Bs. Every single dingle plan and plan b fell through. 

We walked. A LOT. In the hot hot hot sun. We sweated a lot. Contacted a ton. And just had a loooong day. At the end of the day as we hobbled into the house clutching our sweat rags (everyone here carries around a little wash cloth to wipe the sweat off their faces) we felt content. We fought a good fight. We had very few lessons, but we gave it our all. 

And that's what is so fantastic about the gospel! That my best is ENOUGH even if it wasn't much! Isn't that just the best? Your best is enough. Done. Thanks to Him. 


So we found a kid the other day who's parents are both deaf and mute and we keep running into him around town and he has been teaching us little bits of sign language. Fun fact: Mexican sign language and Sign language in the United States is different! So he taught us some basics and we finally found him and his mom at home the other day. 

We taught them a short lessons in broken sign language (and some made up sign language on my part) and the little boy translated the rest. It was a really powerful lesson. We taught a few basic principles, God and the family. 

At the end of the lesson the little boy asked to say the closing prayer. He stood and closed his eyes and signed and spoke a very simple and very beautiful prayer. It was probably one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard (or seen) in my life. He asked God to help make his family eternal and to help him be baptized. 

As he stood there and signed the prayer he almost seemed to glow. As we all did the sign for the word amen we clasped our hands near to our heart and I offered a silent prayer of gratitude to God for these beautiful moments that I get to be a small part of.

*I love....the Book of Mormon


  1. Really love your blog...Hermana Hancocks Gma Yvonne

  2. When I grow up, I want to be Ruby Matesen.