Monday, May 11, 2015



On Tuesday we had a district meeting and we accidentally got on the wrong bus. I didn't realize until we had completely passed our destination. We got off as quickly as possible and started wandering around and asking strangers where the Mormon church was. They all directed us little by little until we made it safely. Opening up an area means getting lost a lot.


A member took us out to pizza with ketchup on it (its a Oaxaca thing).  The members here are amazing.  So much love and support.


The other day we started contacting a lady sitting outside of her house, the next thing you know she had us sitting down in chairs and fed us fresh cooked fish, tostadas, bean soup, fancy cheese, and a dessert.  She didn't even know our names and there she was feeding us a feast on her front porch, all the while we are trying to relate food to The Restoration and trying to move the conversation back to Christ.  It was very hilarious, it was very Oaxaca.


It was a Wednesday. It was very, very HOT and humid.  I hadn't slept well because of the intense heat, and I was feeling less than motivated and little sorry for myself.  But we headed out on time and got to work because the best medication for disanimo is hard work. We contacted one of the first people we saw and started talking about who we are and what we do and all that jazz.

I'm not sure how it came up or when but she somehow ended up telling us that she had just lost her 4th baby a few months ago.  She had 3 miscarriages and the fourth baby was born and only lived for 9 days and then passed away as well.  As she told us this there was such a calm and strength in what she said.  I asked her how she did it, how she does it.  Her answer was her faith in God. "He is with me." she told me.  I agreed.  She also told me how there is always someone who has it worse. Someone who is going through something harder or more painful.  But that if we believe in God and have faith in him we can be strong.  

A line from one of my favorite hymns came to mind as she spoke to us.  "Finding strength beyond my own..."  I immediately stopped feeling sorry for myself.  I found strength in the testimony of a stranger.  She didn't accept an appointment because of her work schedule, but we left her a pamphlet. Later that day, when we passed by, we saw her outside reading it.  Faith in God gives us strength beyond our own.  So believe this week and be strong.

*happy 5 de mayo! and happy birthday Emma Rose!
*awkward family photo before going out to work. love my companion. So much.
*sweaty. all the time. sweaty.
*seeing an occasional English word is always a HAPPY thing.

*hahaha the funniest pictures I've taken in WEEKS. I woke up the other morning and my lip was HUGE. Some sort of insect bit me in the night. Thats nice. We had a good laugh about it. The swelling went down and by the time we went out to work it was practically all gone. Oh Oaxaca, I 
still love you.
*i love you and i am soo thankful for you everyday. Thanks to YOU and your faith in Christ I am here and I am happy. Thank you for being my best girl.
*be sure to tell Emma I love her. Tell her who I am. Tell her she is strong and brave and that I love her and we pray for her a lot.
[photos of Emma and Ruby's Mother's Day call, from us to Ru]

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